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Welcome to ThreatConYellow! Our self defense weapons such as stun guns and pepper sprays help you defend and protect yourself when you need it most. pepper pen

Our stun guns are of the highest quality made stun guns available. Choose from renowned brands such as Stun Master, Z-Force, and Talon.

The pepper sprays we carry are specially made to be most effective for individual personal protection and have the highest concentration of pepper formula allowed by law. More info about pepper spray on .

stun gun pepper spray

Fast Shipping - We process and ship all orders on the day they are ordered or the very next business day depending on the time the order gets placed. We will email your UPS tracking number with exact delivery date to you the day after your order ships so you can track it online. Shipping is only $6.00 per order!

Survival Knife

survival knife

This is the ultimate survival knife with a stocked survival kit in the handle. Survival knife kit comes with a compass, matches, fishing hooks and line, a metal wire saw, and more. The sheath contains a sharpening stone in it's own pocket and pocket holders for the two metal spikes. Heavy duty construction provides durability for the rugged use you will put it through. This survival knife has it all and can be stocked with your own assortment of survival needs.

More Featured Products!

dog pepper spray
Canine Mace
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pistol crossbow
door brace
Home Protection
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personal alarm

infrared wireless home alarms
Home Alarms
Pen Knives
pen knives

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Our Guarantee - We offer a 30 Day money back guarantee. We guarantee all our products to be free from defects and to perform in the manner in which they were intended. If you should ever get a defective product from us, we will replace it for you immediately.

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